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Go forth and evangelize the plugin.

Introducing Rooms v3

The highly anticipated release of Rooms v3 is here. In this update we gave room displays a fresh new face, unburied existing features, and added device management superpowers. Read more about what's new to v3.

Runaway recurring events

Fixed a brief issue where some meetings created in the web dashboard would incorrectly book as a recurring event. The cloning machine was short-lived and has been disabled. If you need help hunting down any rogue duplicates, we’re here to help:

Improving search: default location, searching multiple places at once

As 20% of you already know, setting your default location saves time while searching the office for relevant spaces. Because being in two buildings at once is impossible, default locations allow Office Search to prioritize the place you usually work.

We're making it easy to select your default location directly from Office Search.

For magicians people who need to search across multiple buildings and levels, filtering will look a little different:

  • Always know where you are looking with bigger font for location-based filters.
  • Selecting "All Buildings" in the same campus is now a one-click option.

Extra links:

  • Setting up your office with campuses, buildings and levels? Learn more.

  • In case you missed it, we introduced Suggested Spaces as Phase 1 of Showing More Relevant Spaces in Office Search.

Get to Google Calendar faster with the Chrome plugin

Need to create an important event before you forget and chaos breaks loose? The updated plugin icon is a shortcut that brings you straight to Google Calendar.

If you haven't already, get started by downloading the Chrome Extension.

Mobile updates: all day events and recent fixes

New features and fixes for our beloved iOS and Android apps


  • Check out the new screen for viewing details of your events
  • Events can now be booked all day, so go ahead and plan that 24 hour Game of Thrones marathon
  • Like picking up where you left off? You will now remain on the last tab you had visited the next time you open the app


  • Event locations can now be entered as custom text rather than a full search result
  • Added copy support for some less common invitee RSVP statuses (like "unknown" and "delegated")
  • Certain single sign-on configurations were redirecting users to our web application. We now make sure you come back to the mobile app instead after logging in
  • Meridian users navigating to a space will no longer feel stuck when their directions can't be found
  • Detecting nearby spaces should now work properly for users who upgraded from previous versions of the app

A batch of improvements to organization analytics

Analytics > Overview for your organization will now show data for "this month so far" and totals from last month. We were unjustly comparing totals from the month so far (i.e. July 1-17) to the previous month's data (i.e. all of June), which made July data feel small.

To restore the balance and give July the dignity it deserves, we're updating copy to reflect "This month so far", while still providing the previous month's totals.

Other Analytics enhancements:

  • New chart: Meeting Confirmation Rate. Select a date range to view the percent of meetings confirmed. Hover over a point in the chart to get daily/weekly breakdown.
  • The date selection in Analytics > Leaderboard was incorrectly labeled Today while displaying info from the day before. We learned what Yesterday means and renamed accordingly.
  • Fixed an issue related to switching locations in the Leaderboard and Heatmap pages. You can now safely bounce between buildings.

Autocomplete contacts for connected Google and Office365 accounts

To continue our goal of reading your mind anticipating your needs, we’re introducing autocomplete for email contacts.

What’s that? You haven’t memorized the full email address of every single person you need to invite to a meeting? For those with connected Google and Office365 accounts (and terrible short-term memory) we will now autocomplete contacts within the event composer.

Begin typing a contact's name, select the John (or Sarah or Sam) you’re looking for, and wrap up details. Coworkers with Robin accounts appear with “R” logos on their avatar.

Check out User Settings > Integrations to enable and access contact autocomplete.

Fixed in July 2017

  • Fixed an issue where opening the event composer would show an error message when your default location did not have any calendared spaces.
  • The date selection in Analytics > Leaderboard was incorrectly labeled Today while displaying info from the day before. We learned what Yesterday means and renamed accordingly.
  • Fixed an issue related to switching locations in the Leaderboard and Heatmap. You can now safely bounce between buildings (but please wear appropriate safety gear.)
  • Mobile notifications were causing crashes for some users. We'll stop preventing you from reaching your full potential.
  • Fixed labeling issues which gave the impression trials were pending invoices.
  • UX fixes include adding some space between a location name and it’s building icon.
  • Fixed an issue where events with long invitee lists were displaying descriptions in a weird way.

Create new spaces, buildings and campuses from the same place in office settings

This update unburies the option to quickly add spaces, buildings or campuses from the same dropdown menu in Settings > Offices.

Confused by the option to add buildings and campuses? Check out the guide to Understanding Office Hierarchy.

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