Export desk reservation history by person

Admins can now export a person’s history of desk reservations, to see when they came into the office. Download and open exports in the spreadsheet tool of your choice by navigating to Analytics > Exports > People.


This feature is available for Pro plans & above, with total time range available increasing per plan. For more details on how to export this report, get started here.

For a full overview on what was recently released, click on our Release Notes page here.

Customize your map with five new points of interest

There’s a reason people say “turn left at the bank once you pass the McDonald’s”. Landmarks make getting around easy. Office navigation should be no different. Admins can now add markers for various point of interests throughout the office:

  • Sanitization stations
  • Kitchens
  • Reception areas
  • Lockers
  • Genderless restrooms

Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 12.22.03 PM.png

Points of interest are an easy way for admins and employees to have full visibility of key areas in the office. Click here to start setting them up.

Find upcoming meetings without leaving Microsoft Teams

As of last week, we released our newest integration with Microsoft Teams, built to help you simplify your workplace and streamline collaboration between your favorite workplace tools.

By integrating your workplace in Robin with Microsoft Teams, you can quickly look up which spaces are free, check on your own schedule, and receive friendly reminders for your upcoming events, saving you tons of time and effort.


Setup is easy - to get started, you can follow this guide or reach out to your account team.

Distance Planning Tool, Now Live

This week we released our Distance Planning tool to all users who have access to Desk Management.

Distance Planning is designed to help you understand and manage the impact of physical distancing on your office floor’s capacity.

With distance planning, admins can:

  • Make desks available or unavailable from your map to manage floor capacity
  • Resize easy-to-use distancing circles to understand floor layouts
  • Access dashboard and search tools to find available desks

[fvrv2  czz.gif

You can begin setting up distance planning on the web dashboard via Office > the Manage dropdown on the Map view of the right hand side of the page > Configuration, or follow this guide to get started.

If you do not have Desk Management, and would like to learn more please contact your Robin Account team.

Set your building remote, avoid abandoned meetings

With so many offices now working remotely, people take more meetings from a couch instead of conference rooms. To keep things running smoothly, Admins can now pause Abandoned Meeting Protection (AMP) while the office works remotely. When you eventually head back to the office you'll be able to resume AMP and restore all previous settings.


Find where people sit from anywhere

Last month we released a few new improvements to how people make and share seating charts via the web dashboard. This month, we've updated maps in the mobile app so desks now show where everyone sits too.


Admins can start their first desk move on the web dashboard via Office > Manage seats, or follow a guide to get started

Share your desk while out of office

Cameron may be on vacation this week, but their desk doesn’t have to be.

Sharing your desk.png

In modern offices, assigned seats stay empty up to half of the week as people move in and out of meetings, work remotely, or go on vacation. These desks could have a big impact for everyone else, and help teams explore how flexible desks could change their work day.

With this release, assigned seats that would otherwise sit empty have a new option. Once enabled by an admin, anyone can temporarily share their assigned desk, making it available for others in the office to reserve. This gives day-to-day flexibility to support people traveling from another office location, or who normally work remotely.

Desk management, no spreadsheets required

Next time you need to coordinate a seat change, you can skip the spreadsheet:



  • Coordinate desk moves in one sitting. Work directly on a map with drag and drop, showing changes as you go -- it’s way easier than a spreadsheet.
  • Built with change management in mind. Share changes across teams before going live, and share drafts with stakeholders via email.
  • Make changes with confidence. Draft and preview changes before publishing to the rest of your team, to confirm you’re making the right moves.
  • Find people faster from workplace maps. When occupied, desks now show the name of the person sitting there.

Unlike spreadsheets, these seating charts stay up-to-date with the latest collaboration, without copy and paste marathons. This also makes your work available immediately to everyone in your workplace. Changes push immediately to all interactive maps, reflected instantly in search results for people.


We've also made a few quality of life improvements to help navigate the maps. Map labels now show the current person sitting in a seat, helping you navigate to the right place faster.

Admins can start their first desk move on the web dashboard via Office > Manage seats, or follow a guide to get started

Focus on a single neighborhood with map kiosks

You can now control which part of your map appears when showing maps on status boards. This is especially useful for folks managing multiple kiosks for nearby.


Admins can control how to show the map when configuring status boards. This also works for boards you've already set up, just be sure to refresh once done.

We've also made the "You Are Here" marker easier to configure while setting up new boards, which gives a quick way to orient yourself to the current floor.


Workplace Services + Approvals

Following the recent scheduling upgrades to event composer, today we're following up with Workplace services and meeting approvals. These are available today, and designed for more special case events, like lunch meetings, seminars, or presentations

Workplace services now supports more configuration options to help ensure meeting organizers can connect with the right person from the services team for things like food and beverage requests, help with room set up, or other A/V and amenities needs.

Want to make sure those service requests go through an approval process? Managed spaces require explicit approval to book, so large event spaces, auditoriums, training rooms, or other formal space requests can go through the right channels.

More flexibility when configuring services

Admins can now customize the available service options for their entire organization – or for specific locations, floors, spaces, or users. This provides greater flexibility for admins to configure services, and do things like:

  • Designate which spaces support requests like catering, or help from facilities or IT
  • Designate which users are able to make service requests
  • Configure unique service addresses per location, floor, or space
  • Add specific instructions per service type and location, like menu options, contact details, or particular restrictions. For example, “Contact alice@robinplatform.com for any requests less than 24 hours in advance”; or “Facilities help to move furniture requires 30 mins of time before the meeting”.


Users can easily add available services when creating or editing an event right from the web dashboard. Enter a description of the request and desired time of service. (e.g., Get help from facilities setting up).

Submitted requests send the details to the assigned service address. Service providers receive any updates to the schedule via email, keeping everyone in the loop.

Require approval before using a room


Admins may flag specific spaces which require an approval before any event reservations and/or services are finalized. Users will see these spaces as options from both the extension or the web dashboard, and can initiate a request to book these spaces from either platform.

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 1.16.34 PM.png

Pending meetings will appear as “on hold” until the request is approved. Admins may approve requests from the web dashboard, or from the email notification.

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 3.39.03 PM.png

Turn on services for your workplace

Workplace services and approvals are available with Premier scheduling plans. Get started with these set up guides