"Do not require check in" for VIP events

For events too important to remove from the calendar, Admins now have the ability to exempt certain meetings from the harsh reality of check ins.

Selecting Do not require check in when creating an event will ensure the Board Meeting next month isn't removed when no one checks in.

Over the next month or so, booking policies will allow Important Business Executives to skip check ins entirely. While no one in our office is above the law, we accept that some events or people are more special than others.

Investigating slowdown with Chrome extension

We've patched the issue causing some Chrome extension users to experience sluggish performance. Back to business as usual in your browser.

Apply display settings and booking rules to all spaces in a building

We're working on making management of hundreds of displays easier. You can now apply Room Display settings to every device in a building, at the same time.

Here are some of the settings you can adjust in bulk:

  • Tweak privacy settings and maintain mystery by masking meeting titles, invitees, or organizers.
  • Enable abandoned meeting protection to clean up the ghost meetings for the whole building.
  • Show/hide fullscreen color overlays for high visibility. Uniformity has never been easier.

Check out more settings from your building settings page: Settings>Office>Building

Suggested spaces, now in mobile

Creatures of habit, find your most beloved meeting spaces faster from the mobile app with Suggested Spaces.

Search results showcase a handful of spaces and availability:

Plugin popup now previews your plans

The recent addition of the schedule view to the Chrome plugin icon lets you ask “what’s next on my calendar?” without navigating away from your work.

Selecting a meeting title will bring you to the event in Dashboard, so you can see who else has RSVP'd.

Quickly decide if you have enough time to grab pre-meeting caffeine: the icon in your toolbar now provides a countdown with time until your next meeting.

Learn more about Using Robin’s Extension for Google Calendar

Google Calendar redesign lands this week

As schedule enthusiasts, we're excited to see a new look arrive this week for Google Calendar.

Heads up: this redesign temporarily disabled the plugin for some folks. We're back in business though!

Here's a quick how-to if you want to return to Classic calendar.

RSVP, search by level & more mobile updates

Searching for available meeting space just got a whole lot easier.

  • Filter by campus, building or level to hone in on nearby spaces. As a bonus, the search results are now more scannable, calling out which spaces available now (or soon!)

  • A brand new screen shows detailed information for a space. Bigger image + new scheduling details = more informed booking.

  • Accept - Decline - Tentative: We added the ability to RSVP to your calendar events, in line from the event details.

  • (iOS-only) New OS, new you: we're releasing a few updates in time for Apple users upgrading to iOS 11. Greater control over location permissions, including when and where you receive notifications about available spaces in your office.

  • Speaking of notifications, hide notification previews from your phone's lock screen, so everyone who glances at your phone doesn't know your business. Option now available from device-level settings.

Guide to using the plugin for Google or Office365

Sharing the majesty of the plugin has never been easier. Check out installation instructions and forward these guides to your team.



Go forth and evangelize the plugin.

Introducing Rooms v3

The highly anticipated release of Rooms v3 is here. In this update we gave room displays a fresh new face, unburied existing features, and added device management superpowers. Read more about what's new to v3.

Runaway recurring events

Fixed a brief issue where some meetings created in the web dashboard would incorrectly book as a recurring event. The cloning machine was short-lived and has been disabled. If you need help hunting down any rogue duplicates, we’re here to help: support@robinpowered.com

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