Restrict access to your Status Board links

Admins can now add IP whitelists to Status Board configurations.

This prevents unauthorized access to your secret board links and protect current office availability from prying eyes. When enabled, boards will only load event information on the approved networks. Lock it down!

IP Whitelists for Status Board

You can find IP restrictions under Advanced Settings when editing a board configuration. Whitelists are available on a per board basis, so you can create different rules for each using a combination of IP addresses or CIDR blocks.

A full walkthrough is available in the help center.

Fixed in April 2018

A collection of fixes and recent quality of life improvements:

  • When folks chose to mask event details for Rooms and Status Board, the event organizers were being unusually shy. Admins now have the flexibility to show (or hide) organizer information again.
  • We prevented all day events from turning into multi-day affairs with a fix to Rooms. All day events will now end, as expected, at midnight.
  • In one of the more meta bug fixes this month, some folks reported an issue with ... issue reporting. Organizations with support addresses configured now see issue reporting as expected.
  • Office 365 users may now add multiple spaces to their event using the add-in, making it easier to collaborate across offices.
  • In the spirit of spring cleaning, the web dashboard saw a handful of design improvements to prepare for this summer's settings redesign. Lists and checkboxes now look a little better.
  • Expired insights reports will now show a helpful error page instead of woefully generic 404's.
  • Need to end a trial early? We added a link on the Settings page that will let you end a product trial before the two weeks is up.
  • Added unique invoice ID's to billing statements to help keep your finance team happy and organized.

Updated privacy policy for GDPR

We’re updating our privacy policy in preparation for the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) later this month. To keep things simple, here are the highlights:

  1. These changes include more detail on how information is stored and processed within the United States.
  2. It also adds clarifications for compliance with GDPR and Privacy Shield between the EU and Switzerland.
  3. There are no substantial changes to how Robin collects and uses your data.

You can review the updated privacy policy here. If you have questions about these changes, we’re here to help:

🇪🇺 See the GDPR explainer for more details on how to request data protection and transfer agreements.

Robin is ready for GDPR

The EU’s 🇪🇺 General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) go into effect May 25th. Like the rest of the Internet, Robin is getting ready. Here's what you need to know as we all prepare for the next great internet acronym:

  1. Robin is a Processor under GDPR. Data Protection and Data Transfer Agreements are available for customers subject to GDPR. Account administrators may request updated agreements via
  2. We’ve engaged third party compliance reviews through Sphaerist Advisory and TrustArc's GDPR Priorities Assessment to ensure legal agreements, processes, and data-governance are compliant. These changes are already underway, and will be completed by the time GDPR takes effect.
  3. As part of this process, we’ve added better explanations for how Robin uses cookies throughout the apps. You can find more information on cookies in our help center.

We'll share more in the coming weeks as we complete the policy updates. Email for compliance questions or help completing your internal process.

Dig into utilization data with new exports

The leaderboard answers key questions about how frequently spaces in your organization are booked for events. Now, admins can export that data to CSV, and segment or filter as needed to answer the questions that are meaningful to your organization. This data set can help answer questions like:

  • Which space types are used most frequently in our Boston and the New York offices? Should we replicate those while we do our build out in London?
  • What % of the day are spaces booked on the 5th floor? Are there any abandoned events we can clear from the calendar to free up time?
  • What do the spaces used most frequently have in common? Can we replicate those features in other spaces in our office?


Weekly insights, in your inbox

Admins who subscribe to Robin’s digest email received a new and improved version in early April. You can now answer questions about your team's meeting culture on a weekly basis, including the busiest day and most common meeting duration.

Shorter meetings keep people focused on the discussion at hand, and free up time in the day for focused work. If you see meetings trending over the 45 minute mark, consider implementing scheduling policies to encourage shorter events.


If you'd like to update your notification preferences to start receiving these emails, here's how.

Fixed in March 2018

  • For some folks, customizing Room Display colors was too much of an adventure and crashed the app. We now make sure that you select real color choices.

  • Analytics exports disappeared for a few organizations. Those have been put back in place.

  • Custom colors for Room Displays can again be applied across the whole building - “apply to all devices” was temporarily broken.

  • Fixed an issue that caused some Chrome users trouble when logging in.

  • You may have experienced crushed dreams when attempting to create events from the Schedule view.

  • Resolved an issue where space pages were coming up blank for a few organizations.

  • UX fixes included better text alignment i.e. super-long-names-dropping-off-the-page. We also threw in added breathing room to the invitees section.

  • Added text to an otherwise empty button on device pairing. In the poetic words of our developer's issue summary, “What was once missing is now back in place.”

Status Board: display your whole office in action

Uncover hidden parts of the office and display what's going on, in real-time and on the big screen. Read all about it on the blog, then get started from the Dashboard: Settings > Devices > Status Board

Here's a mini (but mighty!) preview Status-Board-Wall-Render (1) cropped.png

Choose your own adventure: custom colors for Room Displays

While we're fond of stoplight colors (red, yellow, green) to showcase availability, you can now customize Room Display overlay colors. Match company brand guidelines or pick your favorite pastels or neons, the choice is yours.


In addition to choosing colors that reflect a favorite sports team or match your company logo to represent In Use/Available, you can eliminate the third state (yellow) which represents Booked.


For more info on custom colors, check out the support doc.

Fixed in February

  • Updates were made to Analytics > Leaderboard. Proper percentages are now shown for change increase/decrease.
  • Suggested Spaces were missing for a handful of organizations. We will continue to make suggestions for everyone.
  • Fixed an issue that caused timezones to go haywire when moving meetings in the Schedule view.
  • We added even better explanations for folks running into errors with calendar connections.
  • Fixed an issue that was hiding all invitees in the event composer.
  • A number of improvements were made to our soon-to-be-released Maps.
  • Patched inconsistencies for Analytics. Now Leaderboard, Overview, and weekly emails provide a single source of truth for the data.
  • Room Displays were showing the event organizers despite privacy settings. Identities are now concealed upon request.
  • Mobile iOS notifications weren’t reliably firing to start events. This was fixed at the end of February, so you have one less excuse for lateness.

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