Robin Powered updates
Robin Powered updates

New Analytics API: Fueling a holistic view of workplace data for better decision making




Data, if used thoughtfully and consistently, can have a real impact on people engaging with the office and one another. A variety of workplace analytics can send you the signals 📶 you need to make changes that have an actual, ongoing influence on workplace experiences.

However: Insights about the workplace (utilization rates, HR information, productivity and sales #️⃣s) often live in individual platforms, making this disparate data challenging to interpret.

That’s exactly why we just released a new Analytics API, so workplace leaders can bring data together in their preferred business intelligence tool for a more holistic view of the workplace 📊

Robin customers can now:

  • Set up, schedule and automate reports that support organizational goals

  • Build custom dashboards within their preferred BI tool

  • Easily share insights with leadership, supporting decisions around hybrid strategy

Read more here, or contact your Account Executive to learn more and get started.

New Robin homepage makes scheduling the work week easier




You may notice that Robin's homepage looks a bit different – we’ve brought all of our collaboration, activity and scheduling capabilities front-and-center. Why? Simple: The workplace is about people 👥 and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to navigate the workday.


This change helps you more easily complete the tasks you need to in order to have a successful in-office experience, like scheduling an in-person 1:1 with your manager or lunch with a coworker who is also in that week. Looking for a room or work area 🖥️ to support your day? You can still easily access those resources, too.

Here’s what to expect when you go to Robin:

  • Easily see who’s in when and what workplace activities are taking place
  • Book a recommended desk based on previous reservations
  • See company announcements and respond to experience surveys

Head on over to Robin to try it out now

Visitor logs: An easier record of who visits your office




Let's say you hosted a series of workshops a couple weeks ago at your HQ. They were led by outside consultants, and attended by various employees. Plus, you had food delivered and special AV equipment set up.

Phew. That's a lot of visitors! We've heard from customers how important it is to keep a record of who comes and goes, which is why Robin customers using visitor management can now export visitors logs.

Robin admins can now easily download a record of who was there, including the visitor and host information, type of visit, check-in/check-out times, and more.

Try it out now 🚀

"Who's in" notifications for Slack




Knowing who’s going to be in the office makes a big difference when deciding whether to make the commute.

You shouldn’t have to dig through calendars or send numerous messages in order to get this information. This is exactly why customers who use Slack alongside Robin can now:

  • Easily see who plans to go into the office from inside of Slack 👀

  • Understand who is planning to be in the office without leaving the tool they already use 📅

Who's in - Slack.png

Read more about how to set this up for Slack here.

Support for future workplace forecasting




With greater adoption of hybrid work, organizations across the world are searching for and using information to know if their hybrid work models are successful and, importantly, sustainable. You want to know how your people are using your offices.

To support this ongoing challenge, our team continues to add to and grow our Workplace Insights dashboard – first up? Predictive insights 📈

This new addition forecasts space and desk utilization, helping workplace leaders determine the expected usage in their offices to support future planning ⏭️

Predictive Analytics (1).jpg

This is just the beginning though. Keep your 👀 open for more coming soon.

Log in to Robin to check out your predictions.

Easier desk booking based on your preferences




You go into the office every couple of weeks, and always book the same desk. It’s your favorite. It’s close to the snacks 🍿 It has a great view 🪟 We get that.

Robin just made it easier to snag that same desk whenever you make a trip into the office.

Now, when you log into Robin and want to book a desk, you can do so from within the work week view! We’ll let you know if the desk you used last time is available if you want to use it again. If not, no worries - you can book a different one from the same window.

book previous desk.gif

Go ahead - book that desk before it’s gone

Frictionless activity planning on the go




Activities help people come together around common interests and connect with one another in meaningful ways. So far, we’ve seen Robin customers host bring your dog 🐶 to work days, company lunches 🥪 and spooky soirees 🎃 – all of which anyone can join.

All Robin users and admins can now view and join Activities in Robin directly from the mobile app. This makes activity planning even simpler and more seamless.

Untitled design (4).png

Go ahead and try it out in the mobile app. Choose your title, date and audience to get started. Happy planning!

Activities to propel vibrant workplaces




Easier ways for colleagues to plan activities and come together? 👥 Yes, please.

Whether it’s morning coffee ☕ with your team or an after-work soccer ⚽ meetup, Activities in Robin make it easier for people to:

  • Know what’s happening at or near the office, when and where

  • Decide which days they’d like to go in

  • Discover communities of people with similar interests


Plus, activities are built directly into the work week view, making sure you have a full picture of what’s happening at the office in a given week. You can read more about Activities in this help doc.

Visit your weekly overview in Robin to view, join or create an activity.

Workplace insights to support strategic decisions




The modern office requires a different approach to management than ever before, and workplace leaders need the right information 📊 at the right moments to sustain a long-term hybrid strategy.

Organizations have told us that they want to understand utilization across their office spaces in order to better understand how employees are using their spaces, which are the most popular 💯, peak days/times and so much more.

Robin’s new Workplace Insights dashboard help leaders:

  • Understand utilization rates across all buildings, floors, desks and spaces

  • Identify which desks and spaces are used the most/least

  • Visualize trends of how your employees are using office spaces, amenities, etc.


Our goal? Helping workplace leaders properly budget and plan for the future. Visit Analytics > Workplace Insights to start digging in, or learn more in this help doc.

Flexible seating to support today’s workspaces




Since the beginning, we've focused on building tech solutions that fuel vibrant workplaces 🚀 As the office has evolved, though, so have we.

Something that needed an update? What customers could add include on their floor plans within Robin – offices go beyond just desks and spaces!

Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 3.18.11 PM.png

Admins can now add a variety of furnishings anywhere on their custom floor plans, including couches 🛋, tables, stools and more (🏓, anyone?)! Rollout starts today, so be on the lookout.

You can learn more about furnishings here. Happy decorating!