Robin Powered updates
Robin Powered updates

Get a preview of who will be in the office on specific days




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It's even easier to see who will be in the office at-a-glance each day.

Seeing who else is already planning to be in-office can help people plan their next trip with confidence and to better coordinate "office-days" with coworkers.

These improvements are now live on the web dashboard and the mobile app today.


Add an arrival display for your guest experience




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Give guests an easy way to check-in for a visit from an iPad, tablet or computer. Arrival displays will have your company logo, prompt the guest to check-in and alert the host. Walk-up registration will be here soon.

The guest experience is available on all plans, to set up your first arrival display go to Manage > Devices.

Assign office-specific admin roles





We’ve introduced a new Role for organizations, the Office Admin.

Teams can now assign people to have an Admin-level role for a specific building. Gone are the days of building a custom Role for every single office, now you can add people to that role directly from the Dashboard.

The Office Admin role is available on Premier plans only, to get started go to Manage > Offices > Select a building

Add work areas to your office map




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Today, Admins can define regions of the office for teams/departments, neighborhoods, or work style.

At a glance, employees can quickly navigate the office when planning their next trip back. Tapping on the label will show which desks, amenities, and people are working within the selected work area.

Admins can review daily desk utilization, broken down by work area, to better understand which parts of the floor are booked most often.

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To set up a work area for your office, start on the Office tab and hit Edit > Layout

A faster, more robust way to update your office




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Set up and update your office’s meeting rooms, desks, and points of interest all from one tool.

We've refreshed our layout tool to make it fast and easy to update everything from one spot. No more jumping between different tabs and pages.

To get started, select Layout from the Office tab or take a look at this overview.


Manage guest visits to the office




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Admins can now manage guest visits to the office from the web dashboard.

Within the guest experience tools, you can now:

  • Register a guest’s visit.
  • Set up a required screening questionnaire.
  • Provide the guest with all the necessary pre-arrival information.
  • Send an email notification to the host upon arrival.
  • Track guests in a visitor log.

The guest experience is available to all plans today. For more details and to get started with managing visits to the office, start with this help doc.

Get a detailed overview of how the office is being used with the activity summary export





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Today, we're introducing a new data export called Activity Summary for all plans. As teams look for insight to how their offices are being used, we built this report to compile activity across spaces and desks.

Questions this export can help you answer:

  • "What teams are using the office the most?
  • "How often is Janet coming to the office, do they need an assigned desk?"
  • "What was last month's activity compared to the previous month?"

This export summarizes the number of desks and spaces reserved, checked in and auto-released by the users in your organization. The export contains the user’s department, user groups and scheduled access. The report can be filtered by a specific building, too.

We pre-compile a monthly digest or you can download a custom date range (going back 60 days for Pro plans, and unlimited for Premier).

To get started, go to Analytics > Exports > Activity Summary

Exports are available on Pro and Premier plans.

Give your Organization's Office Pass a custom logo and color





Admins can now set a custom background color and monochrome logo to the Office Pass.

Adding some company branding can make your team feel at home in Robin and can be done in under a minute.

To get started, go to Manage > Themes.

Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 5.41.27 PM.png

Avoid duplicate reservations with new desk policies





We've added two new desk reservation policies to help keep the office running smoothly:

  1. Allow overlapping reservations (on by default). Turn off to prevent people from booking more than one desk at a time in the same office.
  2. Restrict reservations to working hours (off by default). When turned on, people may only reserve a desk during the hours a building is open.

Admins can configure both of these policies via Manage > Offices > [YOUR BUILDING] > Desk Policies

Overlapping reservations

Set capacity limits for flexible desk reservations





Today we're releasing an update to help workplace teams manage capacity by limiting the number of bookable desks available per day.

How does it work?

  • Once the limit of flexible desks are booked, no more reservations can be made.

  • As reservations are made, the Daily Roster updates and summarizes the projected utilization by day to keep teams up to date.

  • Assigned desks are already counted towards the floor capacity since they are used for people who come into the office 4-5 days a week.

Screen Shot 2021-06-14 at 10.07.46 AM.png

Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 10.18.10 AM.png

Employee experience

As people plan trips back to the office, they will see how many desks are available and if capacity has been met on both the web and mobile apps.

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Get started with flexible capacity management.