Robin Powered updates
Robin Powered updates

Easier desk booking based on your preferences




You go into the office every couple of weeks, and always book the same desk. It’s your favorite. It’s close to the snacks 🍿 It has a great view 🪟 We get that.

Robin just made it easier to snag that same desk whenever you make a trip into the office.

Now, when you log into Robin and want to book a desk, you can do so from within the work week view! We’ll let you know if the desk you used last time is available if you want to use it again. If not, no worries - you can book a different one from the same window.

book previous desk.gif

Go ahead - book that desk before it’s gone

Frictionless activity planning on the go




Activities help people come together around common interests and connect with one another in meaningful ways. So far, we’ve seen Robin customers host bring your dog 🐶 to work days, company lunches 🥪 and spooky soirees 🎃 – all of which anyone can join.

All Robin users and admins can now view and join Activities in Robin directly from the mobile app. This makes activity planning even simpler and more seamless.

Untitled design (4).png

Go ahead and try it out in the mobile app. Choose your title, date and audience to get started. Happy planning!

Activities to propel vibrant workplaces




Easier ways for colleagues to plan activities and come together? 👥 Yes, please.

Whether it’s morning coffee ☕ with your team or an after-work soccer ⚽ meetup, Activities in Robin make it easier for people to:

  • Know what’s happening at or near the office, when and where

  • Decide which days they’d like to go in

  • Discover communities of people with similar interests


Plus, activities are built directly into the work week view, making sure you have a full picture of what’s happening at the office in a given week. You can read more about Activities in this help doc.

Visit your weekly overview in Robin to view, join or create an activity.

Workplace insights to support strategic decisions




The modern office requires a different approach to management than ever before, and workplace leaders need the right information 📊 at the right moments to sustain a long-term hybrid strategy.

Organizations have told us that they want to understand utilization across their office spaces in order to better understand how employees are using their spaces, which are the most popular 💯, peak days/times and so much more.

Robin’s new Workplace Insights dashboard help leaders:

  • Understand utilization rates across all buildings, floors, desks and spaces

  • Identify which desks and spaces are used the most/least

  • Visualize trends of how your employees are using office spaces, amenities, etc.


Our goal? Helping workplace leaders properly budget and plan for the future. Visit Analytics > Workplace Insights to start digging in, or learn more in this help doc.

Flexible seating to support today’s workspaces




Since the beginning, we've focused on building tech solutions that fuel vibrant workplaces 🚀 As the office has evolved, though, so have we.

Something that needed an update? What customers could add include on their floor plans within Robin – offices go beyond just desks and spaces!

Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 3.18.11 PM.png

Admins can now add a variety of furnishings anywhere on their custom floor plans, including couches 🛋, tables, stools and more (🏓, anyone?)! Rollout starts today, so be on the lookout.

You can learn more about furnishings here. Happy decorating!

‘Who’s in’ notifications for Robin in Microsoft Teams




A workplace experience platform should fit seamlessly with the tools you already use – not cause extra work or headache. With teams more distributed than ever, work week coordination should be frictionless.

This week, our Microsoft Teams integration got a little bit sweeter 🍭. Customers who use the Robin app within Teams can now:

  • Easily see who plans to go to the office from inside Teams.

  • Choose to join their teammates in the office, and be prompted to go into Robin and book a desk or space (if they want to).


Read more about how to set this up for Teams here.

Heads up: there is a lot more to come for Teams, so stay tuned 👀

New options to support vibrant workplaces




Investing in company-wide technology requires cross-functional collaboration 🤝 and strategy alignment 🎯

Here’s what we know: 73% of managers using a workplace experience solution feel empowered with appropriate tools to execute their hybrid work strategy. What does that tell us? Connecting distributed teams is made easier with the right platform.

In an effort to serve a more wide array of hybrid strategies, we’ve updated our offerings to better support customers and their evolving teams and goals. 

Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 5.22.13 PM.png

No matter if you’re just starting out or are looking for an enterprise-level solution, here’s how Robin can help:

Starter offers the essentials for starting any hybrid journey for up to 25 users and one floor plan. This plan is deliberately designed with platform features that promote end-user engagement.

Team helps you collaborate with distributed employees and build a vibrant workplace community. Think everything in Starter, plus unlimited users, floors, workplace analytics, employee feedback and advanced integrations.

Bigger organizations often have more complex workplace needs – we get it. Enterprise offers everything in Teams, plus more advanced security, controls and advanced analytics.

Learn more about the new options and pricing here.

A new way to signal trips to the office




Coordinating your work week is all about flexibility, which is why our new capability lets you signal intent to go to the office – without having to book a desk.


Let your team know your schedule, so you can plan for collaboration and optimize your time in the office.

Curious about who's going to be in the office that day? Want to book a workstation nearby a colleague? Need to share your plans with your team? We've got that covered, too.

Head on over to the "Schedule" tab on desktop or the "Pass" tab on mobile to start planning your week!

By the way: you can still access the room calendar view by going to Schedule > Meeting Rooms.

Simple check-ins with QR stickers just got easier




Habit-formation is about simple actions that are repeated in a consistent matter over time.

We know that organizations who leverage QR stickers as part of their check-in process have an average of 208% more active users than those who don't, and see a 25% increase in employee check-ins overall.


To help your hybrid strategy adoption, we are making it even easier for you to deploy stickers across your organization. Visit Manage > Stickers in Robin, select the office location you want to send them to, and watch the check-ins roll in.

Admins: get a people-focused view of who is coming into the office, what is being used and when




The new Office Trips tab inside of Robin analytics shows admins who is coming into the workplace and the percentage of desks actually used. Premier customers can dig in even further, breaking down this information by department.

Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 1.59.07 PM.png

In Robin, visit Analytics > Office Trips to view:

  • Total # of reservations and check-ins (aka employees who booked a desk)
  • % of in-office employees who also booked a desk
  • Above data, broken down by floor

For more information, visit the Office Trips resource in the Help Center