Android updates: event notifications, RSVPs & more


To make multitasking on your commute easier, we're always improving our mobile app. This update is for our Android super-commuters:

  • Introducing new notifications when your Robin events are about to start or end.
  • Connect your calendars and RSVP to upcoming events.
  • Trouble signing in? The new reminder email points you to your organization's login, right from your phone.
  • Find out if a room has any special scheduling rules, such as requiring check-ins, from the space's details.
  • Fixed an issue where nearby spaces weren't properly detected for some users.

Full billing history available


Looking for past receipts? Today you can view your complete billing history from Settings > Billing. Receipts are still emailed to the contact listed under credit card info.

Coming soon: PDF download and print options.

Fresh icons in the navigation bar




As always, you can customize the nav bar with your organization's logo and theme color from Settings > Organization > Branding

Fixed in May 2017


  • When loading an infinite series (i.e. recurring events without end dates), we will no longer load infinite results.
  • For a hot second, some folks couldn’t create new meetings from the “Schedule” timeline view – that’s fixed now.
  • Our beloved Slackbot, Robinbot, now remembers your default location.
  • We now use median values when displaying event duration in analytics. Marathon meetings and huge events won’t skew typical meeting data.
  • Space amenities automatically update upon editing
  • Fixed an issue where a campus without assigned buildings was disabling search.
  • Fixed an issue where once assigned, buildings could not be unassigned from campuses.
  • And we've been plugging away on the plugin.

iOS updates: suggested locations & more


To meet the needs of serial multitaskers we're constantly improving our mobile app. For all of the iOS overachievers out there, this update is for you:

  • Connect your calendars and RSVP to upcoming events.
  • The new suggested locations will autocomplete with nearby addresses, so everyone knows exactly where to meet.
  • View directions to upcoming out-of-office events.
  • Find out if a room has any special scheduling rules, such as requiring check-ins, from the space’s details.
  • Trouble signing in? The new reminder email points you to your organization’s login, right from your phone.
  • Bugfix: Some users were getting multiple notifications when events were about to start or end. We’ll stop spamming you now.

New in space analytics: meeting confirmation & RSVP data


The meetings that happen (or don't happen) in each space are important. Now in individual spaces you'll find a breakdown of confirmed vs unconfirmed meetings, as well as invitee RSVP data. Choose a date range and show by week or day.

Does one space in particular have a large number of unconfirmed meetings? It’s time to review the check in policy and enforce auto-unbooking to cancel an event if no one checks in.

Meeting confirmations and RSVP data can be found under Space > Analytics.

Export meeting data analytics


We moved exports to a new page in Analytics. Export detailed meeting reports from any date after you first set up your office in Robin, now from Analytics > Exports

Now say "export reports" ten times fast.

View typical meetings for spaces


See how hard each space in the office works and how people are generally using it. Introducing: typical meetings for spaces.

Greenwich is the largest bookable space at Robin HQ. Typical meetings here have twice as many invitees on average compared to all events across Robin. Think twice before reserving Greenwich for a two person meeting - unless you really need all that extra room for yoga.

Faster way to keep spaces updated in office settings


As part of the ongoing effort to streamline the way you update spaces and buildings in Robin, we’ve made it easier to keep your space information up to date. Spaces now have options to manage basic information (e.g. capacity, amenities) right from within office settings.

Making updates to multiple spaces? Jump to any other space in your building or level.

Other improvements include:

  • An updated page layout = less time spent scrolling
  • Amenities now automatically save updates upon change
  • Addition of amenities to the space header in office settings

Allow editing for synced events


Admins now have the option to enable Edit Synced Events. This feature allows you to edit an event created in the Robin plugin, mobile app, or native calendar.

You can see the option to edit an event if:

  • The event originated in Robin OR organization allows editing synced events
  • You are an Admin OR organizer of the event

This feature requires you to have access to edit the original event. For example, you can't move a coworker's event (created in Google calendar) unless you have permission to manage their calendar in Google.

If a Google or Office365 calendar rejects your edit, here's why that might be happening and how Robin manages calendars.

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