Robin Powered updates
Robin Powered updates

Coordinate trips to the office with your team

Today we're releasing some updates to make it easier for people to coordinate days to head to the office.

The two main reasons people want to go back to an office are:

  1. In-person collaboration
  2. Socializing and seeing teammates in person

With the new mobile update you can now set up a team of the people you work with regularly, and see when they will be in the office.

Blog_1.png Blog_1-1.png

See more examples and how to get started with this guide

Robin now supports check-ins for all desk types, including assigned desks.

We know that with new types of work styles and seating arrangements, it’s now more important than ever to know who’s in and which desks are in use.

That’s why we’ve rolled out check-ins across all desk types in Robin (including flexible and assigned).

How does it work?

  • Have employees check in via mobile, web, and email (one click, no login required)

  • See check-in responses on the map and daily roster

Want to turn this on for your account? We've got you covered, start here!

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Office Pass: The easy way to adopt hybrid work

Office Pass is a platform-wide update that makes managing these flexible workplaces possible in Robin. It revamps the employee experience on mobile and includes updates to admin management allowing workplace teams to confidently give more decision-making power to their employees.



  • A brand new mobile experience designed to help workplace teams introduce hybrid work. These updates give employees full access to the workplace before arriving. Useful for deciding when (or if) to integrate the office into your week.
  • Pass Management gives admins new ways to organize teams and schedule customized access to the office by day.
  • A daily office roster shows admins which people are in the office, and which steps each person completed prior to arriving — including health checkpoints for safety, verifying desk reservations, and managing capacity requirements.
  • Simpler in-person desk booking with “tap-to-book” interactions (beta) powered by touchless-enabled stickers you can deploy and grow without expensive hardware.

These updates are just the start of our 2021 roadmap for hybrid work. Learn more in the announcement →

Like details? Read our extended release notes

This changelog highlights the best of new features in Robin. For smaller updates and bugfixes shared every two weeks, see our extended release notes in the help center →

Get notified when someone fails the health checkpoint

You can now choose to alert specific people whenever someone fails the health checkpoint requirements after booking a desk in the office. Once configured, we'll send a notification about the incident to the listed emails, so you can follow up with the right process to keep everyone safe.

Admins can configure the mailing list when setting up a health checkpoint via Manage > Integrations > Health Checkpoint > Email notifications.


Setting up a checkpoint for the first time?

See exactly who used the office with a daily report

Admins can now see who plans to use the office on a specific date, including health checkpoint and desk reservation status. The daily roster is available on the web dashboard via Manage > Access.


You can also download a spreadsheet for each day, easily shareable with cleaning staff or other admins involved with office operations.

Using the roster to manage office capacity

Set required answers for health checkpoints

Admins can now set required answers for health checkpoints, which prevents people from continuing unless they meet the requirements. When enabled, people who do not meet the requirements will be asked to stay home to keep everyone safe.

Admins can view the results of daily checkpoints via Manage > Access for reporting.


If you already have an active health checkpoint, you can edit it to set requirements going forward via Manage > Integrations > Health Checkpoints.

Learn how to configure checkpoint requirements →

Get an accurate view of desk demand with abandoned desk protection

With a new focus on flexible work, an always-up-to-date office map is essential. Workplace teams need a clear view of who’s in the office when to understand the supply and demand of desks.

With abandoned desk protection, you can now keep more desks available when plans change by automatically releasing desks if nobody checks into the reservation. (Sound familiar? It’s a lot like our abandoned meeting protection).

Say goodbye to booked desks without people in them or messy office capacity data. Instead, get a historical and living record of what desks are actually in use and by who.

As an employee, if you reserve a desk but don't check in, you'll get a notification like this:

abd emaill noticiation.png

Check out our help center articles about desk check-ins and abandoned desk protection for more details.

Don’t have desks set up in your office yet? Reach out to your account manager to get started.

Meet your people where they are with desk check-ins on Microsoft Teams and Slack

Office accessibility has never been easier. We expanded on our desk check-in feature so people can check into a desk right from Slack or Microsoft Teams.

For offices using desk check-ins, when an employee books a desk they’ll receive a check-in notification at the start of the confirmation window.

Then, they can check-in or release the desk reservation without having to leave the app they were just messaging a teammate from.

Here’s what you’ll see:

Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 5.59.31 PM.png

Check out our help center articles about desk check-ins, and our integration with Slack and Microsoft Teams for more details.

Don’t have desks set up in your office yet? Reach out to your account manager to get started.

Protect employees as part of your office return with health checkpoint

COVID-19 has transformed the way we work forever, which means workplace teams need new tactics to get employees back to the office safely. With a growing number of customers returning to their workplaces, they’re turning to Robin to help manage new safety and flexibility requirements.

That’s where our health checkpoint functionality comes in. With health checkpoint, you can send surveys to employees and collect data from them to determine if they’ve been in contact with someone or are personally experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 prior to coming into the office.


With health checkpoint, you can:

  • Easily identify who may have been impacted by COVID-19 (either personally experiencing symptoms or by being exposed to someone with symptoms or the virus)
  • Stay compliant and mitigate safety risks

Interested in setting this up? Navigate to the “Integrations” page under the “Manage” tab to get started or view this Help Center article for more details.