Meet your people where they are with desk check-ins on Microsoft Teams and Slack

Office accessibility has never been easier. We expanded on our desk check-in feature so people can check into a desk right from Slack or Microsoft Teams.

For offices using desk check-ins, when an employee books a desk they’ll receive a check-in notification at the start of the confirmation window.

Then, they can check-in or release the desk reservation without having to leave the app they were just messaging a teammate from.

Here’s what you’ll see:

Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 5.59.31 PM.png

Check out our help center articles about desk check-ins, and our integration with Slack and Microsoft Teams for more details.

Don’t have desks set up in your office yet? Reach out to your account manager to get started.

Protect employees as part of your office return with health checkpoint

COVID-19 has transformed the way we work forever, which means workplace teams need new tactics to get employees back to the office safely. With a growing number of customers returning to their workplaces, they’re turning to Robin to help manage new safety and flexibility requirements.

That’s where our health checkpoint functionality comes in. With health checkpoint, you can send surveys to employees and collect data from them to determine if they’ve been in contact with someone or are personally experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 prior to coming into the office.


With health checkpoint, you can:

  • Easily identify who may have been impacted by COVID-19 (either personally experiencing symptoms or by being exposed to someone with symptoms or the virus)
  • Stay compliant and mitigate safety risks

Interested in setting this up? Navigate to the “Integrations” page under the “Manage” tab to get started or view this Help Center article for more details.

Use desk insights to stay on top of your office return and ahead of new ways of working

Anticipating what your people need for a smooth return to office is no easy feat. Fortunately, with the right insights, it’s much easier to be proactive.

That’s where our new desk analytics come in. With these new reports, you can see an overview of total bookings, busiest days, and overall capacity to see how to best use your office and ensure a safe return for your employees.

With desk analytics, you can:

  • Monitor who's in the office when to stay within safe capacity
  • Get a clear picture of your supply and demand for desks
  • Plan seat assignments and flexible desk strategies
  • Adapt your floor plan to new ways of work

Check out analytics for desks under the “Analytics” tab page, or check out this Help Center article for more details. Don’t have desks setup? Reach out to your Account Manager for more details on how to get started!

building overview.png

Find and book resources in less time with improvements to the Robin dashboard

We made several enhancements to Robin’s interface, to create a better user experience and cleaner look and feel. The new “Office” tab puts your office map front and center leading to better discovery, people search and booking in your workplace.

image (15).png

Some key highlights include:

  • The new “Office” tab shows all elements of the workplace on the map, making it easier to find a meeting room or desk near your team.
  • Users can see all spaces/desks from the map, but only those that they have permission to book (and are available) will be green and ready to reserve.
  • The default state of the map is “now”; picking a date and time will update the availability and status of the floor based on whatever time you choose.
  • Disabled desks will show up as “crossed out” and won’t be available to book on the map.

Here's a brief overview of some of the changes. For additional details, view the Help Center article or reach out to your Robin team (your AM or CSM) for more details!

Understand office insights with check-ins for desks

It’s no secret that planning a transition back to your office during a global pandemic is tricky. We realize things can feel unpredictable even though it’s more important than ever to know who is coming to the office and have a clear understanding of your supply and demand for desks.

That’s why we just released our check-in functionality for desks. By prompting people to confirm their desk booking well in advance, you can verify a person's intent to use the desk they’ve reserved. This gives you better visibility into how your office is being used.

Screen Recording 2020-09-18 at 08.05.38 AM (1).gif

Once enabled, you can:

  • Check-in via mobile or web
  • Receive reminders on upcoming reservations
  • Review check-in and reservation reports

Want to use desk check-ins in your office? Read this Getting Started guide for more details on how to enable. If you don’t have desks and you’d like to get this turned on, reach out to your Account Manager or CSM for more details.

Available for Premier & Pro plans, only

Set up your floor plan quickly and easily with Robin’s Desk Layout Tool

We get it. Setting up a floor plan can be tedious and time-consuming. At the same time, we know how important it is that your office map is an accurate reflection of your real office.

Our desk layout tool, now available in your Robin account, is designed to help you make quick and easy adjustments to your seating assignments and floorplan, all right from the map that looks just like your office.

Simply put, with the tool, you can:

  • Configure your floor plan right from your map
  • Provide a more accurate view of the office with key features like 120-degree desk shapes and more complex desk configurations
  • Cut down on time managing your floorplan with easy seating arrangement adjustments

Interested in learning more? Check out our help center here. If you don’t have a map setup but want one, reach out to your AM or CSM.

DeskLayout_Oct-14-2020 16-05-10.gif

Export desk reservation history by person

Admins can now export a person’s history of desk reservations, to see when they came into the office. Download and open exports in the spreadsheet tool of your choice by navigating to Analytics > Exports > People.


This feature is available for Pro plans & above, with total time range available increasing per plan. For more details on how to export this report, get started here.

For a full overview on what was recently released, click on our Release Notes page here.

Customize your map with five new points of interest

There’s a reason people say “turn left at the bank once you pass the McDonald’s”. Landmarks make getting around easy. Office navigation should be no different. Admins can now add markers for various point of interests throughout the office:

  • Sanitization stations
  • Kitchens
  • Reception areas
  • Lockers
  • Genderless restrooms

Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 12.22.03 PM.png

Points of interest are an easy way for admins and employees to have full visibility of key areas in the office. Click here to start setting them up.

Find upcoming meetings without leaving Microsoft Teams

As of last week, we released our newest integration with Microsoft Teams, built to help you simplify your workplace and streamline collaboration between your favorite workplace tools.

By integrating your workplace in Robin with Microsoft Teams, you can quickly look up which spaces are free, check on your own schedule, and receive friendly reminders for your upcoming events, saving you tons of time and effort.


Setup is easy - to get started, you can follow this guide or reach out to your account team.

Distance Planning Tool, Now Live

This week we released our Distance Planning tool to all users who have access to Desk Management.

Distance Planning is designed to help you understand and manage the impact of physical distancing on your office floor’s capacity.

With distance planning, admins can:

  • Make desks available or unavailable from your map to manage floor capacity
  • Resize easy-to-use distancing circles to understand floor layouts
  • Access dashboard and search tools to find available desks

[fvrv2  czz.gif

You can begin setting up distance planning on the web dashboard via Office > the Manage dropdown on the Map view of the right hand side of the page > Configuration, or follow this guide to get started.

If you do not have Desk Management, and would like to learn more please contact your Robin Account team.