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New analytics dashboards: Space and desk check-ins

AUTHOR: Kate, Senior Product Marketing Manager

At Robin, we're committed to giving workplace leaders the most comprehensive insights and data about your workplace.

Customers expressed interest in understanding how their employees use Robin features and tools, particularly regarding tasks such as checking in, booking desks and spaces, canceling meetings, etc.

So, we built a solution for this. First up, our new space and desk check-in adoption dashboards*.

These dashboards offer an overview of how employees are interacting with resources, helping guide leaders toward best practices that will encourage the adoption of the Robin platform. These check-in dashboards dive deeper into things like:

  • Check-in rates across floors, buildings, campuses

  • Most popular check-in methods (QR code stickers, mobile, desktop, automatic check-in, etc.)

  • How desk and space check-in policies are impacting utilization (check-in windows, reservation length, abandoned desk/space protection, etc.)

You can read more about the desk check-in dashboard here, and the space check-in dashboard here.

If you already have access to advanced analytics, head on over to your Robin account to check it out. If you don't, contact your CSM or our support team to learn more about gaining access.

*Available in our advanced analytics add-on

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