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Introducing: The first solution for measuring in-person collaboration

AUTHOR: Kate, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Companies invest in spaces to bring people together, but there's no way to truly measure if this goal is achieved. Employees might be physically present but not collaborating – they could be sitting far apart, or on video calls in meeting rooms. This lack of understanding makes it hard to improve office design and function, leaving workplace leaders relying on guesswork… until today

Our team is thrilled to announce the launch of the Workplace Collaboration Score (CollabScore): the first solution to quantify in-person collaboration

What is it? This score tells you how well your workplace enables collaboration among employees, and anonymously benchmarks your organization against others around the world.

How is it measured? It consists of three key elements, chosen based on what research tells us is important, and what we’ve seen from our customers for a decade:

  • Workplace occupancy measures the capacity of a given workplace vs. how many people actually use it. A higher score means that more space is occupied – if a space is too large, the chances of interacting with colleagues is much lower.

  • Ad hoc collaboration focuses on how close employees are sitting to one another when they are in the office. A higher score means that more employees sit in the same areas as opposed to sitting alone.

  • Planned collaboration measures the proportion of in-person vs. remote meetings compared with other companies. A higher score means that people are attending meetings together in-person.

How can I see this information? Robin customers can see their overall company CollabScore, as well as scores broken down by buildings*, inside of analytics in Robin. This information sits within Robin’s new suite of executive insights, which help guide and support office culture, investment and success.

And, to make all that data more accurate and as useful as possible, our team is introducing easier ways to bring your access control (badge system) data into Robin. Customers can either: 

You can head to your Robin account now to see your company’s score for yourself. Learn more about Robin’s Executive Insights, including the CollabScore, or reach out to your CSM to talk through your score. Happy collaborating!

*Available for customers with the Advanced Analytics add-on.

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