Kate, Product Marketing Manager
Mobile App Workweek Planning

More ways to communicate your hybrid work policy

AUTHOR: Kate, Product Marketing Manager

The office is back in business

As you work to nail down your hybrid strategy, we're working to automate processes and the way you communicate in-office expectations.

We've made some updates since we first released the ability to share your hybrid work policy with employees, including:

  • Displaying your policy on both mobile and desktop

  • Showing your policy on both the schedule and office map pages in Robin

Now, you can choose either a week or monthly interval for your company policy, paving the way for even more configuration to come! You can do this on the new Work Policies page inside of your Manage tab.

Up next? Reporting and exports of policy data, as well as additional visibility and gamification to help your employees meet their goals.

Learn more about hybrid work policies in this help doc.

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