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Workweek updates: Streamlined desk booking and more flexibility for employees

AUTHOR: Kate, Product Marketing Manager

When you visit your Robin account today, you may notice a few changes to the homepage experience. The changes outlined below are a direct result of customer feedback and feature adoption trends, and we're excited to roll them all out for improved employee and admin experiences:

  1. Streamlined desk booking

    • The main button on the workweek view now helps employees book desks more quickly. We consistently see that at least 3 in 4 people come to Robin to book a desk, so this simplifies the process. Robin will even recommend your last desk booked!

    • Once a desk is booked, Robin will count employees as “in” the office, and automatically update their status as “In Office” (see bullet #3 for more details).

  1. A choice of Robin homepage

    • Customize the Robin homepage that works best for you: choose either to see who's in this week, or to show your office map.

  1. Indication of working location based on *new* status dropdown

    • In this first release, the dropdown options are In Office and Remote.

    • In-office: This is a way for people to indicate an intention to go to the office, without having to book a desk.

    • If an employee books a desk, their status will automatically be updated to In Office.

  1. A new home for user settings

    • User settings will all live under an employee's avatar > User Settings.

    • Settings include things like homepage, notification and general schedule preferences.

Visit your Robin account to see all of these updates or read more in this help doc.

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