Kate, Product Marketing Manager
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Workplace insights to support strategic decisions

AUTHOR: Kate, Product Marketing Manager

The modern office requires a different approach to management than ever before, and workplace leaders need the right information at the right moments to sustain a long-term hybrid strategy.

Organizations have told us that they want to understand utilization across their office spaces in order to better understand how employees are using their spaces, which are the most popular , peak days/times and so much more.

Robin’s new Workplace Insights dashboard help leaders:

  • Understand utilization rates across all buildings, floors, desks and spaces

  • Identify which desks and spaces are used the most/least

  • Visualize trends of how your employees are using office spaces, amenities, etc.

Our goal? Helping workplace leaders properly budget and plan for the future. Visit Analytics > Workplace Insights to start digging in, or learn more in this help doc.

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