Kate, Senior Product Marketing Manager
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Room displays: QR code booking and performance upgrades

AUTHOR: Kate, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Something we've heard about a lot recently? Room displays. Meeting spaces are a precious resource these days, so we updated how our displays perform to better serve the needs of customers today.

First, we've added QR codes to Robin room displays. QR codes allow for:

  • Personalized ad-hoc room booking, connecting the mobile user to an existing or new reservation through the Robin mobile app.

  • Simpler check-in to a room and meeting, improving occupancy data.

In addition, room displays now work with the latest versions of iOS and Android Head to the Apple App, Google Play or Amazon Fire stores to update your device if you haven't already. With this update, room displays now only work with iOS 13.0 and Android 5.0 and up.

You can learn more about room displays here.

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