Kate, Senior Product Marketing Manager

New options to support vibrant workplaces

AUTHOR: Kate, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Investing in company-wide technology requires cross-functional collaboration and strategy alignment

Here’s what we know: 73% of managers using a workplace experience solution feel empowered with appropriate tools to execute their hybrid work strategy. What does that tell us? Connecting distributed teams is made easier with the right platform.

In an effort to serve a more wide array of hybrid strategies, we’ve updated our offerings to better support customers and their evolving teams and goals. 

No matter if you’re just starting out or are looking for an enterprise-level solution, here’s how Robin can help:

Starter offers the essentials for starting any hybrid journey for up to 25 users and one floor plan. This plan is deliberately designed with platform features that promote end-user engagement.

Team helps you collaborate with distributed employees and build a vibrant workplace community. Think everything in Starter, plus unlimited users, floors, workplace analytics, employee feedback and advanced integrations.

Bigger organizations often have more complex workplace needs – we get it. Enterprise offers everything in Teams, plus more advanced security, controls and advanced analytics.

Learn more about the new options and pricing here.

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