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New Analytics API: Fueling a holistic view of workplace data for better decision making

AUTHOR: Kate, Product Marketing Manager

Data, if used thoughtfully and consistently, can have a real impact on people engaging with the office and one another. A variety of workplace analytics can send you the signals you need to make changes that have an actual, ongoing influence on workplace experiences.

However: Insights about the workplace (utilization rates, HR information, productivity and sales s) often live in individual platforms, making this disparate data challenging to interpret.

That’s exactly why we just released a new Analytics API, so workplace leaders can bring data together in their preferred business intelligence tool for a more holistic view of the workplace

Robin customers can now:

  • Set up, schedule and automate reports that support organizational goals

  • Build custom dashboards within their preferred BI tool

  • Easily share insights with leadership, supporting decisions around hybrid strategy

Read more here, or contact your Account Executive to learn more and get started.

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