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Meeting rooms scheduler: Supporting space management at scale

AUTHOR: Kate, Product Marketing Manager

Office managers and administrators are responsible for a lot. If people don't have what they need to get work done, it can decrease employee satisfaction and halt productivity

A key part of so many of these roles is juggling and coordinating meeting rooms on behalf of coworkers. And, if you're part of a larger organization, this can get really complicated, really quickly

We are thrilled today to roll out our newest version of our meeting rooms scheduler! Administrators who choose to try out the new scheduler can expect:

  • Simple management of spaces, no matter how many. This update can handle large amounts of data with no problem.

  • A comprehensive timeline view, including an easy way to toggle between buildings.

  • Real-time reflection of booked and available spaces, ensuring accurate information is relayed to employees.

  • To be able to pin favorite rooms and filter for what they need.

You can try it now in Schedule > Meeting Rooms > "Try It Now" or read more about it here.

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