Kate, Product Marketing Manager
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Automatic desk check-in for easier days at the office

AUTHOR: Kate, Product Marketing Manager

Hybrid workplace leaders and employees alike spend too much time on manual processes. This can lead to time wasted managing tech, and people not making trips to the office

The ideal experience? Trips to the office that are effortless, technology that integrates, and resources that are easy to reserve and use

We're thrilled to share that people using Robin can now check into their desks automatically. All employees need to do is connect their phones to the office wifi in order to be checked into their desk reservation. Goodbye frustration, hello automation!

Admins: To set this up, visit Manage > Office and pick which building(s) you'd like to enable this for. All you need are your building IP address(es).

Set it up now in Robin or read more about it here.

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