Workplace Services + Approvals

Following the recent scheduling upgrades to event composer, today we're following up with Workplace services and meeting approvals. These are available today, and designed for more special case events, like lunch meetings, seminars, or presentations

Workplace services now supports more configuration options to help ensure meeting organizers can connect with the right person from the services team for things like food and beverage requests, help with room set up, or other A/V and amenities needs.

Want to make sure those service requests go through an approval process? Managed spaces require explicit approval to book, so large event spaces, auditoriums, training rooms, or other formal space requests can go through the right channels.

More flexibility when configuring services

Admins can now customize the available service options for their entire organization – or for specific locations, floors, spaces, or users. This provides greater flexibility for admins to configure services, and do things like:

  • Designate which spaces support requests like catering, or help from facilities or IT
  • Designate which users are able to make service requests
  • Configure unique service addresses per location, floor, or space
  • Add specific instructions per service type and location, like menu options, contact details, or particular restrictions. For example, “Contact for any requests less than 24 hours in advance”; or “Facilities help to move furniture requires 30 mins of time before the meeting”.


Users can easily add available services when creating or editing an event right from the web dashboard. Enter a description of the request and desired time of service. (e.g., Get help from facilities setting up).

Submitted requests send the details to the assigned service address. Service providers receive any updates to the schedule via email, keeping everyone in the loop.

Require approval before using a room


Admins may flag specific spaces which require an approval before any event reservations and/or services are finalized. Users will see these spaces as options from both the extension or the web dashboard, and can initiate a request to book these spaces from either platform.

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 1.16.34 PM.png

Pending meetings will appear as “on hold” until the request is approved. Admins may approve requests from the web dashboard, or from the email notification.

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 3.39.03 PM.png

Turn on services for your workplace

Workplace services and approvals are available with Premier scheduling plans. Get started with these set up guides