Robin Powered updates
Robin Powered updates

Simplified scheduling for more than just rooms

Starting today, Robin finds and recommends available times not just for conference rooms, but also the people invited. This update comes with a redesigned new booking experience on the web.


Getting the right room is only part of the process -- and in some offices, the easy part. You'll now find more helpful recommendations finding invitee availability, editing your morning meeting, or shuffling the entire day's schedule. You'll find these and other improvements to the event composer in web and calendar extension.

Connect your account for more personalized scheduling

Connecting your individual Google, Office 365, or (in coming weeks) Exchange account with Robin unlocks some extra powers while scheduling a meeting:

  • Manage all events on your schedule, not just those in a meeting room.
  • Auto-complete invitees from your contacts.
  • Confirm your planned meeting time works for your team
  • Block time for focused work
  • Schedule events on behalf of others (aka delegate).

Admins can activate personal booking via Manage > Integrations, which allows people to book events as themselves instead of the connected service account. This guide shows how to get started.

Match activities to the best space and time available

You'll find "best fit" recommendations when booking, based on factors like invitees, type of activity, and size. Adjustable filters help you control the specific building, amenities, and capacity when needed.

Delegate booking and team scheduling

Administrative assistants, office operations, and team leads now have a host of new features to help manage events faster. Create events on behalf of others (delegate booking), add multiple spaces for distributed teams, or prevent meetings in spaces during maintenance.

What this means for you

Starting today, everyone will see the option to opt-in to the upgrades from the event composer. This setting applies only to your user account, and not the rest of your organization.


Over the next few weeks, you'll also see updates to workplace services (fmr. "meeting services), recurring events, and a new way to manage approval requests for specific rooms. Both of these features come from strong feedback, and we're excited to show you more soon.

Legacy scheduling features will remain available to all existing accounts through December 1, 2019. At that time, all accounts will be transitioned to the newer versions, legacy features will no longer be available.

Release Schedule

Dates are subject to change, and timing of release may vary by account

  • October 28: Opt into new event composer features (Web)
  • November 6: Workplace service and approval configurations available to admins (Web)
  • December 1: End of life for legacy event composer and legacy extension, all accounts transitioned to new versions automatically.