Search your workplace with interactive maps

The latest map update brings a few new ways to find the people and places within your workplace, complete with a few new presentation options. Also “Dark Light Mode”.

kiosk2.png The office floorplan just got an upgrade, giving your workplace in Robin a few new things:

  • Updated design
  • New point of interest (defibrillators, fire exits),
  • 2X faster loading, with smarter room labels that show at more zoom levels.
  • All apps are now powered by the same workplace map engine previewed in the desk booking update for mobile, allowing people to easily search for spaces or coworkers and see the results on a map.

See search results on a map

You can now choose to view search results on a map of the office. This makes it easy to find nearby spaces, people, and desks. Once you’ve started a search, you can now review options with context before making the best decision where to sit or meet. dashboard-spacesearch2.png

Easy to deploy wayfinding, now with desk booking

As of today, you can book both rooms and desks from the status board’s interactive map. Run the status board on a touch-screen kiosk for interactive wayfinding throughout a floor in your office. Find where coworkers sit and reserve a nearby desk, or book space for an impromptu conversation.

We’ve designed the interactive mode for easy setup, even without a touchscreen kiosk nearby. Just share the link on your internal company wiki to help people find and book spaces or seats – no login required.


Status Boards

Status board has new configuration options available for both display and interactive (aka “kiosk”) modes. They now support custom theming, allowing admins to set the boards into either light or dark mode. All plans can now also customize the colors used for availability (e.g., in use, booked). kiosk-setup1.png

No map yet? Let’s fix that.

Office maps are included with all desks plans, and all scheduling plans except Basic. Ready to add maps to your workplace? Send us your floorplan to get started.