Recurring events for Google

At the risk of repeating ourselves, the highly anticipated full support for recurring event editing, deleting, and booking is ready for prime time.

In Action

Recurring events will show a new tab for the entire series.

This page shows all of the individual event instances.

From this page you can manage single instances or the entire series at once.

Recurring events in schedules include a handy indicator you can hover over for details.

"When will my account get it?"

Over the next few weeks, organizations with Google calendars will start to see this feature enabled for their accounts. If you have recurring events disabled, no need to to worry -- nothing will change for your account unless you enable it.

If you'd like it sooner, or just think patience is for people without priorities, get in touch and we can activate the feature for your account sooner.

Next up, search changes

There are still a few things we're working on to make sure recurring events go smoothly. One of these upcoming changes is support for recurring events within the space search, which will automatically detect conflicts and prevent.

While not part of this original release, it will give you a better view of which events need rescheduling before you book. We'll share more as we get closer to the search update's release.

"What about Exchange and Office 365?"

Support for Microsoft calendars (e.g. Exchange and Office 365) is planned later this year. The beta version will continue to work for Microsoft organizations in the meantime.