New controls for managing your workplace

We've launched a handful of new tools which allow administrators greater control over their workplace.

Available now for all plans

Allow booking between set hours. This booking policy may be applied to all spaces within a location, or specific spaces to restrict the hours which they can be booked through Robin's mobile or web apps.

Good for: Offices which support co-working spaces and multi-use spaces


Available now for accounts on the Roles & Permissions Beta

Interested in testing out the Roles & Permissions beta? Reach out to your account rep for more information.

Ability to modify default roles. Administrators may now override and customize the default permissions for the member, admin, and owner roles. This opens up the possibility to restrict all new users from certain navigation elements or booking within certain locations as soon as they create a Robin account.


Hide the People Search feature from the web dashboard and mobile app. The People tab is a directory listing of all of the Robin users within your organization, and is available to all members by default. If you'd prefer to hide this tab for members or users with specific roles on web and mobile, uncheck the box.

Hide the Analytics feature from the web dashboard. The analytics tab shows office utilization information, and is available to all members within your organization by default. If you'd prefer to hide this tab for members or users with specific roles, uncheck the box.


Hide meeting details from the web dashboard. This privacy-focused feature will mask meeting details for any meetings the user isn't participating in as an organizer or invitee. From the schedule and space overview pages, events will show as "Reserved." Administrators will still be able to see all details.

Looking to manage privacy settings for display apps like Rooms or the Status Board? Read more.