Map Kiosks for Status Board

Status Board now supports a new kiosk mode for organizations with maps. It's the first of several planned interactive modes for the status board, and is a great way to give everyone in your office a quick way to book any room by selecting it on a map.


As part of this change, we've also simplified the way colors work on the map, and now prioritize available spaces over everything else.

Enabling Kiosks

Kiosk mode doesn't require a new board board configuration -- you can use any any existing map board by selecting "Copy Kiosk Link" via Manage > Devices > Status Boards. Open in your browser on any touchscreen device and you're good to go.


You can also grab a link when first setting up your board.

Booking from the kiosk

Unlike regular map boards, kiosk mode allows you to book any room in the entire building (as long as it isn't admin-only) just like a room display. Like the room display, meetings are limited to "right now" to prevent visitors in your lobby from booking out the next few weeks of conference rooms.


Meetings booked from the kiosk will not be automatically confirmed, so you'll still need to hustle over to the room display to check in. Especially if your admins have abandoned meeting protection enabled.

Read more about how to set up a map kiosk using your existing map boards.