Robin Powered updates
Robin Powered updates

ICYMI - Recent upgrades across Robin





Small, recent enhancements to make your Robin experience a little easier. Curious what else we're working on? Check out the upcoming features on the Roadmap.

Upgrades for finding people and managing seats


  • See where coworkers sit by clicking their desk location. Requires office maps.
  • Apply settings to all desks within a section of the office for easier bulk configurations of things like reservation length.
  • Office maps now render faster in web and mobile, making it easier to find what you're looking for.

Upgrades for scheduling events and managing spaces


  • The room display app now runs on the Chromebase Mini in addition to iPads, Kindle Fires, and most Android tablets.
  • Book and manage recurring meetings from the mobile app.
  • Configure spaces like call rooms just for ad hoc use or add calendars to support booking in advance.