Desk management, no spreadsheets required

Next time you need to coordinate a seat change, you can skip the spreadsheet:



  • Coordinate desk moves in one sitting. Work directly on a map with drag and drop, showing changes as you go -- it’s way easier than a spreadsheet.
  • Built with change management in mind. Share changes across teams before going live, and share drafts with stakeholders via email.
  • Make changes with confidence. Draft and preview changes before publishing to the rest of your team, to confirm you’re making the right moves.
  • Find people faster from workplace maps. When occupied, desks now show the name of the person sitting there.

Unlike spreadsheets, these seating charts stay up-to-date with the latest collaboration, without copy and paste marathons. This also makes your work available immediately to everyone in your workplace. Changes push immediately to all interactive maps, reflected instantly in search results for people.


We've also made a few quality of life improvements to help navigate the maps. Map labels now show the current person sitting in a seat, helping you navigate to the right place faster.

Admins can start their first desk move on the web dashboard via Office > Manage seats, or follow a guide to get started