Calendar extension refresh, featuring activities

Opportunities for collaboration aren't confined to traditional meetings. In most modern offices, remote teams connect through video conference, managers help their direct reports grow in weekly one-on-ones, and focused work -- either alone or with a peer -- all contribute to employee productivity.

The workday contains multiple activities, and the refreshed calendar extension highlights the best spaces for getting work done and the best times based on who needs to be included.

The extension works alongside Google and Outlook, and updates recommended spaces and/or times based on user input.

How it works

Select an activity type from the drop down based on what you need to get done.

Adding new invitees? The extension will find times that work for everyone on the list, and call out how many spaces are available at that time.


Need a space? Suggested spaces will populate based on the activity type and invitee count. Find spaces that have the resources needed to get work done -- whether that's a whiteboard, audio conferencing support, or space for 100 people.

If you're scheduling a call with a remote team member, add a space for them too.


Release Timeline

Robin is available as a browser extension for Google Calendar, or add-in for Office 365 (Outlook).

May 2 - Roll out to all Robin administrator accounts.

May 15 - Roll out the browser extension (Chrome, FireFox, Safari) to all users with Google Calendar.

June 15 - Roll out the Outlook add-in to all users with Office 365.

Activities will make their way into Insights, and the web and mobile apps later this spring.

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