Robin Powered updates
Robin Powered updates

A faster way to book your desk from mobile





A revamped desk booking experience arrives in mobile this week. It’s packed with improvements, including fully interactive maps. With results on the map, you can grab a desk in the perfect corner of the office, or find a better place to work for the afternoon before you even get to the office.

If you have desks enabled on your account, you’ll find a new option to browse results from a fully interactive map instead of the standard list of desk names in search results.

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As the workplace gets more complicated, admins will need better ways to introduce changes to their teams without retraining new workflows. We believe maps are a key foundation to building a flexible office for admins and employees alike. Today’s mobile release is the first step of many aimed at helping you manage more of the workplace — not just conference rooms.

What it does

For those familiar with workplace maps already, you'll recognize a few differences to make the whole experience a little bit better. Mobile is the first place you’ll see the brand new Workplace Map engine. The new maps are built from the ground up to support not just desks and conference rooms, but a growing collection of integrations that power modern offices. They load faster, with smarter label rendering at all zoom levels… even if you’ve named your desks something terribly long.

Scout a new desk, or manage your current assignment Explore points of interest near your new seat (e.g., elevators, or something more interesting)

Faster availability summaries w/ full context of where the rest of your team sits, so you can make the best decision for the day’s work.

Why maps matter

Unlike conference rooms, finding your desk can be harder when there are hundreds or thousands to choose from.

We've heard how important wayfinding is to navigating a sea of seating well. For admins trying to introduce their workplace to activity-based work or flexible seating arrangements, lists of desks don't onboard folks in the right way.

Going forward, you can expect maps to become the preferred way to use new features. If you haven't set up your floorplan in Robin yet, it's a great time to get started — especially if you're considering introducing outside the usual admin group.

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